JS lessons

Hi folks,

Javascript code
I’m going to provide several Javascript lessons by writing the Arcanoid game. They are spread in the blog but belong to the arcanoid category.
Here is the rough plan:

  1. Lesson one: the initial. HTML and CSS create the playground and the visual environment.
  2. Lesson two: bring some JS: let’s make things dynamic.
  3. Lesson three: JS code organization and modular structure.
  4. Lesson four: Game theory. Data model. How things interact with each other.
  5. Lesson five: Events indahouse! How to make unexpected things expected.
  6. Lesson six: Make things move.
  7. Lesson seven: Make it look like the real Arcanoid.
  8. TBD: Lesson eight: Game statistics support. Levels.
  9. TBD: Lesson nine: Add some bonus. Visual amendments.
  10. TBD: Amendments: will be announced later.

Hope you enjoy this.
Please provide your note in comments to any post.


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