We don’t need no education grunt and gulp

Hi JS warriors,

are you tired of Grunt and Gulp? Don’t be shy, are you? If yes, check this up. That’s the way to use possibilities of the package.json and make the project a bit simpler.

— Nuthin’ new there; it’s described in the package.json manual.
— Yup, nuthin’ new. But who reads manuals? How much time ago have you created your package.json manually using all the possible options?
A good case is using npm init. The most used way is copying the package.json from another project and adopting it.


Usually we do not need deep customization for tools we use in the project. Most goals could be achieved using tools from the CLI. That means, we can create .sh (or .bat) shorthands for all the day-to-day dev activities, say eslint.sh, test.sh, build-dev.sh and build-prod.sh.

npm and package.json provide us a convenient wrapper to run appropriate CLI commands, scripts section. The article describes some techniques of using it.

Pros and contras

The CLI syntax looks not so clear ugly; you spend a lot of time to set up that magic line in correct way.
On the other hand, you spend comparable amount of time to create Grunt/gulp task, don’t you? Moreover, usually that’s one-time activity.

The biggest advantage is, you simplify the project. You start using less tools, your devDependencies section gets smaller.

Have a simple code, web warrior!


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