WebStorm/IDEA + ES6 != Love?

Hi folks,

this might help to those who get used to IntelliJ IDEA 14/WebStorm 10/… and starts with ES6.
At this moment IntelliJ IDE cannot map *.es to ECMA6 Standard. By default *.es are considered as ActionScript files and once you try to remap this particular filetype, all the *.es become unreachable.
Is there any workaround?

I submitted the issue and IntelliJ guys said that this issue is caused by hardcoding the *.es extension and that it will be fixed in WebStorm 11.

At this moment there is no WebStorm EAP (Early Access Program) so you can download the IDEA EAP (at least IU 142.3230.1) — the fix is included in that version.
Web Developers who do not need all the Java things can easily turn ’em off (Java, JBoss, Spring, Database, Swing, Grable/Ant,Maven and so on). There is no need in Javascript.next plug-in too.

BTW, *.es6 and any other custom ECMA6 file extension work fine.

May the force be with you.


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