Strijp-S, Eindhoven: a must-see place

Hi folks,

a really nice evening cycling around Eindhoven finished up in the Strijp-S. That area was formerly an industrial place where Philips’ manufactures resided. After Philips left Eindhoven, that place didn’t become a trashcan, moreover, it is developed in very interesting way.

Since the beginning of current century that place is a Mekka for creative people. Really interesting cafe and restaurants, non-standard design solutions, marvelous events — that makes Strijp-S a must-see place. You can eat out; you can buy smart clothing or get your hair cut in one of two building: Gerard or Anton, you can visit open-air cinema. If you check the event agenda, you can get right into the party epicenter.

Here is one restaurant we visited. The place is anti-glamourous at all. Just check it out.

Creative people, young generation… Do we forget something? Right, graffiti!

I’m going to make a big post dedicated to the graffiti in Eindhoven at all so see you later!


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